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There’s been triple-digit year-over-year growth in online spending and it now represents 16% of total retail sales (source: Digital Commerce). This growth has only been accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic and it has also defined the success of many businesses. This presents lots of opportunities, but also much more competition, and the digital noise is much louder. While many eCommerce trends are driven by technology to enhance the online shopping experience (from AI/AR to leveraging data to create personalized experiences to voice search to chatbots), what attracts people to a website, and helps keep them there, are quality photography, emotion-evoking video, clean graphic design and creative, yet SEO-driven, written content.


Prolific Creative always believes in transparency so we will give you a little insight into what goes into creating strong digital assets.

Just from a photography standpoint, there are more details to consider than one may think. It is important to work with photographers who have the technical skill and supportive team/network to support the multifaceted workflow for eCommerce. For instance, shooting on a white background requires more technical skills in lighting than almost any other type of photography. It is crucial to hire someone who has this specific experience and won’t waste time and money on problem-solving in post-production.


“Big Brand” experience with companies like Zappos and products like Nike, Vivienne Westwood, Under Armour, Kate Spade, Vince, Uggs, Crocs, Toms, Converse, and more.

The creative process and technicalities of shooting products only become more involved when shooting stylized products for the purpose of ads, social media content, and sales pieces on your site. Creatively speaking, utilizing the creative team of photographers, stylists, MUAs, hairstylists, and models is ideal. Our photographers know how to adaptively light for any location. Our stylists, MUAs, and hair stylists can conquer any environmental challenge. And our producers can quickly nip any logistical challenges in the bud.


There continues to be a move from visual/text-only websites to websites utilizing videos and it’s vital to embrace this or you’ll be left with an underperforming site. Our teams are experienced in this process and know the peculiarities of translation from photo to video. One example is working with a makeup artist that understands the translation of foundation color to video vs. photography. Another is shooting with specific settings to preserve the product details and color without highlighting the imperfections of the model while maintaining high-quality video output. Additionally, we have developed a process with our team that easily lets us combine photo and video efforts, thus saving time and money for our clients because we did it right the first time.


And as a reminder, people have short attention spans. Videos allow them to consume more content, faster. Video enhances visitor’s experiences and builds connections that help encourage Brand loyalty Video is also great for SEO because visitors stay on your site longer which is important for Google rankings. In a digital marketplace that includes social media, a video presents a more candid component that photography doesn’t. Prolific Creative has a team of award-winning creators and producers to provide creative concepts, innovative storytelling, and production services for all types of video.


Graphic design is a fundamental part of any website design as it translates the overall visual brand experience and the emotional connection with the visitor. Graphic Design encompasses everything from the color scheme, font (typestyle), images, banners, and button controls. These elements must be consistent with or at least synergistic with your Brand. Strong graphic design increases your website’s visual appeal, professionalism, value, and usability. Visual appeal is so critical because it stimulates visitors’ aesthetic senses and increases a feeling of connection. And the need for quality graphic design doesn’t stop at your website. The graphic representation of your brand should be consistent across all platforms, especially digital advertising.

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