A logo is usually made up of two parts: logo mark and logotype.

A logo mark is a visual symbol used for people to identify your brand. (Think the Nike Swoosh). A logotype is the written word in your logo. There are different circumstances for using each.

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Your logo is the first and most important aspect of visual branding. Successful visual branding is what attracts people with a clear, captivating presentation of what a Brand stands for; the aesthetics compel an emotional investment to be made. Using your logo and related visual branding consistently and repetitively embeds your Brand in the consumer’s mind. This creates immediate recognition of and forges a strong ongoing relationship with your Brand.

If you are looking to evolve your visual branding, we suggest you start with our proprietary Brand Value Assessment. This “digs deep” into your Brand and its core values so our expert team can develop a solid Brand concept. From that point, we then create a logo that reflects what’s most important to you and what will resonate most profoundly with the consumer. In addition, we use the logo to inform broader visual branding schema and show you how these apply to every articulation of your Brand.

Prolific Creative has extensive experience creating powerful logos and visual branding in a wide variety of industries.

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From the assessment, you will get an actionable, step-by-step guide of building your Brand Value and successfully positioning your brand as THE BETTER BRAND, allowing you to gain a competitive advantage and increase your profit margins.
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