While the production of Promotion and Web Videos isn’t as “intense” as TV Commercial Production, the key to any successful production is to fully understand the process from ideation to approval to pre-production and on-set to the final edit. Prolific Ink Agency’s experienced team of Creative and Production professionals guides you through this process to realize your vision, artfully handling every step of the process to ensure both great work and pleasant production experience, on time, and within budget.

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Promotional videos don’t have the time constraints of TV Commercials, which are designed to get a message across in under 30 seconds. There is more flexibility in scripting/storyboarding; creative development will be much smoother and result in a more effective video if clear communication objectives. The tone and budget parameters are agreed-upon before development begins. However, to ensure your video is a compelling piece of communication and not a flat, rambling jumble of scenes, it’s essential to work with seasoned professionals rather than with an agency for whom Video Production is an ancillary service.

For the production of your video, Prolific Creative Production professionals have the knowledge to preempt as many problems as possible in pre-production and are always ready with solutions. While the production values for videos aren’t as high as they are for television commercials, we make certain good locations are scouted, the right type of talent is cast, their set design is attractive, etc. We respect absolutely everyone involved in the production, which makes it easy for them to do their jobs, from the people delivering food to the actors, location managers, talent agencies, directors, and even the accountants. This respect removes tension, which, in turn, allows for more creativity, higher efficiency, and a more easy-going and enjoyable experience!

Prolific Creative prides itself on working with a small but streamlined team on any video production. We can be more agile than larger production teams without red tape and hierarchy. It’s a more collaborative environment that allows people to be open and make contributions. There are less miscommunication and frustrations don’t create a negative atmosphere that will inevitably implode. We strategically build in production time to allow improvisations or as we call it “magic moments” or “unscripted gems” because these often make incredible unplanned contributions to a video.

We’re also here to help you maximize your investment. The footage shot for your video can be edited into other videos, used in social media, and more.

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